Shoparoo — Year in Review

Can you believe it? It’s been an entire year since Shoparoo first launched! Created as a way to make fundraising hassle-free & easy, we now have over 7,000 schools from across the country that have adopted Shoparoo into their fundraising plans. Our top schools this year earned over $1,500 by inviting as many people to participate as well as joining in the monthly contests. Also, we’ve added new material to our Getting Started page so be sure to check it out for helpful ideas on spreading the word about Shoparoo by clicking here.

There are some changes to the Shoparoo experience this year :

  • Receipts will be worth 50% more
  • Create a district-wide competition and we’ll guarantee a large cash bonus
  • We will be continuing our monthly contests as a way to earn even more for your school (and for yourself!)
  • Ability for PTA’s & PTO’s to receive their school’s 2013 – 2014 Shoparoo check
  • Roo Point balances will be set back to zero for the year

We are also offering an instant $1 donation to the first 20 participants from a school/charity who upload a qualifying receipt. What a great way to earn an easy $20!